Legal services

FiveConsult: Business consulting company (

We provide services related with registration of legal entities, bank account openings, e-commerce merchant services as well as a wide range of services for such kind of business.

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VIP Garant (

Reliable guarantee of service for secure online transactions

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Baltic Marathons: Mass sport and professional spor (

Baltic Marathons: Participants ar paying participation fee for registration to each marathon and distance. In nearest future participants will be able to buy marathon souvenirs t shirt etc

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Expert level IT Consulting and Business consulting (

We dont sell via Internet in the classic concept of a webshop. We provide custom made consulting services in the domain of IT Architecture and Infrastructure. Some projects are pure Services based others are a combination of Hardware Software and Services and Maintenance. Every project is different and pricing varies depending on our relationship with our client the expected business volume and the competitive situation. If we do a global project for a Medium size enterprise a project can go up to 2M or more. All depends on the clients payments preferences one shot or financed or leased. Replacing a full server and network and storage infrastructure for a small insurance company can quickly go beyond 2030M. Average billlings for a few days of consulting without HW or SW are typical 500020000. To avoid backlogs in invoice payments we would allow our consultants to accept Visa/MC card payments through a VPOS.

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UDIAR (Unified Depository of Intellectual Activity Results) was founded in 2018 with a mission to solve the issues of activity on Intellectual Property market between individuals and companies.

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