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All sellers from the MegaStock catalog have been certified. In case of disputes, the buyer has the right to contact the WebMoney Arbitrage service.

The catalog, in addition to the name of the seller and the site, displays:

Business level (BL)

Merchant business activity indicator*. The higher the BL, the higher the confidence of the participant in the system.

* If payments are accepted through a PSP then the BL of the aggregator is displayed, not that of the merchant.

Reviews and rating

With the help of the WebMoney Advisor service you can view web traffic, ratings, reviews and, if you want, leave your own comments about the site.


How to use WMZ/WME-certificates?

WMZ/WME are the certificates that are equivalent to one US dollar or one euro respectively for the purchase of goods and services of suppliers presented in the MegaStock catalog

You can exchange WMZ/WME for fiat money. The WebMoney system offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods.

The Certificate is non-refundable and can only be used to receive goods or services from the catalog

The buyer has the right to transfer the Certificate to a third party for them to receive goods or services from the catalog

Rules for using WMZ certificates Rules for using WME certificates