WME-certificates Sale Agreement

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The Agreement for selling goods or services with usage of WME-certificates

Netec Financial Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the Seller) and the supplier of goods and services (hereafter referred to as the Supplier).

1. Definitions

WME-certificate is an electronic accounting document certifying the right of the Buyer for the certain amount of acquired goods or services of the Supplier and granting the right to receive goods or services from the Supplier contrary to granting WME-certificate without any cash settlements.
The Buyer is the owner of the WME-certificate. WME is a conventional unit for calculating the face amount of WME-certificates; it is equivalent to 1 Euro.

2. Subject of the Agreement

The Seller shall provide the Supplier with access to the website hosted at (hereinafter referred to as service), for posting information on goods or services by the Supplier under the standard form contract in accordance with the Terms of Use for WME-certificates at sale of goods or services.
The Supplier assigns and the Seller shall sell goods or services to the Buyer on behalf of and for the account of the Supplier by transferring an electronic accounting document to the Buyers confirming their right to a certain amount of acquired goods or services of the Supplier in the form of WME-certificates using the WebMoney Transfer technology.

The Supplier agrees to pay the Seller a fee for the services rendered for sale of goods or services by the Supplier to the Buyers to transfer WME-certificates to the Buyers under the rules applied in the WebMoney Transfer system.

The Seller shall keep at his account records of funds received from sale of goods or services by and belonging to the Supplier to the Buyers. The Seller is hereby obliged to give them to the Supplier upon his provision (in the reporting order) of the corresponding amount of WME-certificates received by the Supplier from the provision of goods or services in exchange for WME-certificates. The Supplier provides the Buyers with WME-certificates for goods or services in contrary to granting WME-certificates on the conditions determined by the cost of WME-certificates and this Agreement.

3. The order of issuance and presenting WME-certificates

3.1. By entering into this Agreement, for and on behalf of the Supplier and at his expense, the Seller shall keep records for sold (last disposed) volume of goods or services via issuance of WME-certificates of authentic volume, which turnover is carried out with the use of WebMoney Transfer technology. Transfer of WME-certificates to the Buyers of goods or services of the Supplier shall be directly by the Seller or through his authorized agents.
3.2. The Supplier declares that he will deliver goods or services in accordance with the offer published at
3.3. The Buyers shall provide WME-certificates to the Supplier to verify their claim on the provision of goods or services and to receive from the Supplier goods or services selected from the list published at, in the amount equivalent to the value WME-certificates transferred to the Supplier.
3.4. The Seller shall accept WME-certificates from the Supplier received by the latter from provision of goods or services; he shall transfer funds to the Supplier in the amount equivalent to the value of WME-certificates received from the Supplier under the terms of this Agreement. The transfer of funds shall be made within a period of not earlier than 10 days from the date when the Seller receives WME-certificate from the Supplier, if the Seller does not set specific transfer terms for the Supplier.

4. Rights and obligations of the parties

4.1. The Supplier is obliged to place the offer with the information on the supplied goods or services at
4.2. The Supplier shall not place requirements to the Seller on relation to the form of issuance of the Seller's WME-certificates and agree that WME-certificates issued in accordance with this Agreement will be identical to other existing WME-certificates of this service and the Seller shall be entitled to set the same relationships with other Suppliers.
4.3. The Supplier shall acknowledge the right of any person who submits WME-certificate to receive goods or services from the list, published at, for the amount equivalent to the corresponding value of the submitted WME-certificate calculated in WME conventional units.
4.4. The Supplier shall agree to provide goods or services to any person who submits WME-certificate, regardless of the identity of bearer and basis of his WME-certificate receipt.
4.5. The Seller shall be obliged to transfer the funds of the Supplier in accordance with the amount of WME-certificates received from him in Euro or any other currency at the exchange rate set by the Seller at his discretion, if the basic exchange rate cannot be lower than 0.97 Euro per 1 WME.
4.6. The Seller shall not be liable for the payments with the Supplier in the case of short supply of goods or services to the Buyer, as well as in case of any other claims of the Buyer.

5. Force Majeure

5.1. The parties shall be relieved from responsibility for partial or complete failure of fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement, if hindered by an extraordinary and unavoidable event under the given conditions (force majeure).
5.2. In the event of force majeure, preventing the fulfillment of obligations of one of the parties under this Agreement, then such party shall notify the other party, at that the deadline for fulfillment of the obligations under this Agreement shall be shifted according to the time during which such circumstances applied.

6. Disputes Resolution

6.1. All disputes that may arise between the parties on matters not resolved by the text of this Agreement shall be resolved in any non-judicial (conciliation, conciliation, complaint, arbitration) order selected by them.