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Avivie - Dead Sea Cosmetics (

Every day, our scientists and specialists are working to have the honor of taking care of your skin and becoming a piece of your image.

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Sporto klubo VSExpress 24/7 Abonemnet pirkimas

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Sports nutrition webstore (

An online webstore for customers in Latvia to purchase functional foods sports nutrition products and accessories. Next working day delivery by courier or Omniva to all parts of Latvia.

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Online cosmetics store (

The Leader company carries out retail sales of cosmetics and dietary supplements. Among the producers of these products are companies such as Global Naturals Hendel founded in 2014 and today have become one of the leaders in the development and production of these products. Currently The Leader sells products in the beauty and health fields in 15 European countries. We strive to make the lives of our customers better and more diverse by offering highquality safe and natural products. Our task is to provide a wide range of products that are able to best satisfy the needs of customers. The Leader strives to be open and attentive to customers.

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