Rules and Procedures for Payment Integrators and Payment Services Providers

(Verified WebMoney Merchant/Users who accept WebMoney towards Third Parties)

The given requirements are stipulated by clause 5.2 of the Agreement on Property Rights Transfer by Means Of Digital Units.

  1. It is prohibited to accept funds towards any payment system, that allows to transfer these funds further to natural persons or legal entities that do not provide any goods or services in return.
  2. Funds must be received only towards/directly to the providers of goods or services, without creating or referring to any intermediary account details while payment is being processed.
  3. All web sites of the suppliers of goods and services that plan to accept WebMoney as a payment option must be registered at the Megastock catalogue before launching the payment option and indicate the following data:
    • name of a legal entity providing goods/services, сountry, registration/VAT number (in case of settlement by a bank wire) or WMID with personal or higher passport (in case of online transfers in WebMoney only);
    • commercial (brand) name, brief description and category of goods/services as per Megastock classification;
    • URL of all web sites, where the given supplier accepts WebMoney.
    That is, all third parties Merchants, for whom you as the PSP are collecting payments, must be verified by the System.
  4. Payment reference for each transaction towards a third party must contain sold goods/rendered service description, payment source reference, recipient’s name.
    For example: Payment as per Invoice # 111 for hosting services for ABCHoster.
    Recipient’s names must not be substrings of each other.
    If web sites maintain personal accounts of clients and use WebMoney to replenish them, they must indicate the requisite (name, ID) of each personal account both for incoming transaction (replenishment of requisite through WebMoney) and for outgoing transaction (withdrawal from requisite to WebMoney purse).
  5. It is prohibited to accept WebMoney for goods and services listed at List of Prohibited and Restricted Goods and Services, forbidden for sale using WebMoney Title Units.
  6. It is prohibited to carry out negotiations, make commercial offerings or carry out other activities, intending to change contractual terms with WebMoney Transfer merchants (suppliers of goods and services, selling them for WebMoney) or those merchants, having agreements with WebMoney Guarantors or its other participants.